Website Speed Optimization

With increasing number of modules, components and plugins installed in the joomla website, the loading speed of the joomla website is getting compressed. The extensions containing the scripts and style sheets increase the loading time thereby decreasing the page speed. So a decrease in speed of the website may in turn lead to downgrading of the page rank on search engines and can even lead to a decline in the number of visitors to the website. The page speed of website can be checked at Google Page Speed and if it is observed to be degraded, then here we are to assist you in redeeming your website making it faster and giving it a boost to increase its speed to a scale as high as 10.
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Why is website optimization essential ?

  • There is a decline in page rank on search engines
  • Website takes too long to open
  • Page Speed is very low
  • There is an increased usage of Bandwidth of the server than required
  • High Bounce rate /visitors don’t stay on website for long
  • Combining or diminishing the CSS/JS
  • Compressing the CSS and JS file
  • Optimizing Images
  • Using Content Delivery Network
  • Leveraging Browser Caching
  • Abbreviating HTML

How to accomplish it ?

We shall provide you the statistics of the page speed before and after completion of the optimization process. We will intimate you the apt price for optimization once we check your website.
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