Joomla Tweaks

Is your website running on Joomla CMS? Is it optimized? Are you happy with its performance? But don’t settle. It can still be made to perform better than it presently does. Immaterial of how optimized the websites may be, they need Joomla tweaks from time to time. Every Joomla run website needs frequent monitoring. Just upgrading to a new Joomla version is not enough. Joomla tweaks are a must.
By Joomla tweaks we refer to, performance improvement, reduced load speed, protection from bugs and malwares, improvements in coding etc. Following are a list of Joomla tweaks which can come handy for web masters.

Joomla Tweaks Basic Tips & Tricks

* Always clear the cache. Enable cache by Global Configuration>> Cache
* Use fewer modules in home page. Get rid of unused modules.
* Avoid using too many multimedia like images, video etc. Optimize them.
* Optimize CSS and delete unnecessary lines of codes. Minify the codes, if possible.
* For excessive formatting of content, use CSS, instead of WYSIWYG formatting.
Follow these Joomla tweaks to optimize your websites. If you still want to improve its performance further, then request a quote.

Joomla Tweaks Services

We offer quality Joomla tweaks services at an affordable price. Each of our Joomla products are hand coded and already optimized. So if you have availed any of our products and are dissatisfied with its performance, then you can request for a free Joomla tweak quote. Some of our premium Joomla tweak services are:
* Hand coded and optimized
* W3C standard licensing
* Search engine friendly
* Code minimization
* Malware detection & removal
* Optimization of media library
Along with these, we also offer a number of complementary Joomla tweaks to our clients. So if you want to enhance and improve your site’s functioning, then request a quote. Our team of experts will help attain your target easily.
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