Malware Attack Fixing

Has your joomla website been recently blacklisted as a malware distributing website by search engines and antivirus softwares? If you do not wish to be tagged as a malware website or some hackers have attacked malwares on your website then you must take actions before Google removes you from search engines.

What is Malware attack?

Malware attacks have become one of the major security threats these days. Besides, worms and phishing attacks also have become a subject of concern. Basically, malware attacks consist of worms, Trojans or some similar system viruses. These Malware enter into the system and spreads through different programs while reading mails or during file sharing through the internet.
How malware attacks a computer? Usually, malware attacks a computer through three different means:
* Through emails via email attachments.
* Through Instant Messaging via IM attachments.
* Through file sharing via different file sharing programs.
After entering into the system, these malware start corrupting data files, the system’s boot, installed software and also the system BIOS, thereby damaging the system files. Sometimes, this may also lead to the system shut down. These malware are primarily developed with the aim of spreading throughout the system. Besides, malware attacks may also occur while surfing social networking sites through internet, through pirated software, through removable media such as USB keys or external hard disks or through various infected websites. So if you do not want your website to be called as a website which spreads malware, then you need to make your website free from malware. Before understanding how to remove malware let us first understand various tools and techniques to find out if a website or blog is infected with malware. After scanning and detecting the malware, we can then easily remove malware completely.

How to scan and detect malware joomla websites online?

In general people would prefer to transfer the code from their websites locally on a computer and then run a tool such as Malwarebytes or Superantispyware in it to detect any malware.
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