Joomla Security Audit

Getting Joomla website security right can be tricky. From the moment your Joomla website goes live, hackers start probing it for security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Joomla websites like yours are getting hacked every day. It isn't that there is anything wrong with Joomla security, but that website administrators make mistakes. Like you, most website administrators are not experts.

Joomla Security Scanner


Joomla Security Scanner Detects

  • Penetration testing
  • file inclusion
  • command execution vulnerabilities
  • sql injection of targeted joomla website.

It helps identifying various security weaknesses on a deployed joomla site by letting know of the vulnerabilities there could be .

Features of Joomla Security Scanner

  • Exact version Probing (tells you exactly which version target is running on e.g.version 1.5.12 )
  • Joomla! based web application firewall detection
  • Searching known vulnerabilities of Joomla! and its components
  • update capability via scanner or svn
  • Reporting to Text & HTML output

Joomla Security Audits

A Joomla security audit can help prevent your website from being hacked. We will analyse your website's security set-up, list component, module and plugin version numbers, recommending upgrades where they are needed. Additionally, as part of our expert services we will look at your server's set-up and important security settings - again making security recommendations listing urgent and recommended changes.

Recovering Hacked Joomla Websites from Hacking Incidents

We have a vast array of experience when it comes to de-hacking Joomla websites or resurrecting your website from back-ups. If your website has been hacked then you need our expert Joomla website security services. Our experts really can help.

We offer three main services for recovering a hacked website:

  • Restoring a hacked site from a known good website back-up
  • Cleansing a hacked website.
  • Full clean rebuild of website's files

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