Joomla Upgrade and Migrate

We know there are many reasons for your Joomla upgrade/migration decision. And we bet that your decision is probably based on the need, and not that you want to migrate. We do maintain hundreds of Joomla sites and we have been in your shoes. Are you wondering how to have a smooth migration without affecting your current web site, without investing lot of your time to learn and implement the process, face unexpected challenges and while migration how to safe guard and secure data? We at JM-Experts carry tons of Joomla migration experience, every day we do numerous upgrades/migrations. We understand the importance of a timely upgrade and secure data migration.
Why wait? Your next step is to start your migration. You are in the right place. Please see below our process, and our special service offers. We support Joomla 1.5+ to Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.2+ migrations.

Our Service Includes

No or Minimum Website Down Time

Your website visitors on the same time zone will not experience any downtime during our migration process. If you have visitors all around the world they may have minimum downtime. We use our test server to test and keep your migration procedure ready to do your migration in minimum amount of time.

Use Our Test Server

As soon your website is backed up and we learned about your website in details. We will provide a staging server and do test migration in our server. After successful migration in our test environment we will plan a live server migration. This step will avoid any unexpected issues during migration.

Website Version and Component Verification

We will verify installed component before migration, make sure all the components are installed and have smooth data transfer.

Free Joomla Bug or Issue Fix

All migration will not go smooth, we always prepare for the worst. Our technical team will do 30 Minutes Joomla bugs or any minor components issues during the migration.

Detailed Project Planning and Co-ordination

Working with Live website is very critical task; it requires detailed planning and effective coordination. With our solid experience we have put a strong process and project management in place. We will share our detailed planning and keep you posted with every stage of progress.

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