HikaShop Specialized Support

JM-Experts provide specialized support for the HikaShop eCommerce solutionhikam

Hikashop Core Setup Package

  • Installation Hikashop
  • Configuration Hikashop
  • Customize Product fields
  • Checkout Workflow Setup/Customization
  • Setup Payment gateway Plugins
  • Setup Demo Products with attribute examples (Options)
  • Setup Tax/Shippping
  • Basic Styling Setup (As available in admin Hika)
  • Custom Marketing Fields Setup
  • Setup Permissions
  • Setup Plugins

Cronjob Setup Hikashop

  • Setup cron Task on your server's CTRL Panel so the automatic update of rates will happen

Layout and Style Modification Hika Frontend

  • Styling of Frontend Display and Layout 3 hours by our Design Center
  • Make a Payment

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